As an owner or operator of a lift, escalator or moving walkway, you have a duty to ensure it is safe to use. It is crucial to have the regular maintenance & servicing carried out in accordance with the safety and regulatory guidelines.

As we are committed to the long-term performance of your material handling equipment, we have our highly trained troubleshooting and service team that can use systematic material handling maintenance approach. Unlike any reactive run-to-failure approach, our customised preventative maintenance program ensures your equipment runs with high reliability and minimises future maintenance problems, giving you long-term cost savings.

Our maintenance services include:-

  Inspection of Push-Button Switch
  Inspection of Limit Switch
  Inspection of Electromagnetic Contactor
  Inspection of Brake
  Inspection of Frame
  Inspection of Cables
  Inspection of Brake
  Inspection of Sheaves
  Inspection of Slings/Wire rope
  Inspection on Overall Operation
  Summary of works carried out via an electronic report
Lift maintenance and servicing service - ML Lee
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