When it comes to cost-effective solution for old lift, a complete replacement isn’t really an ideal solution. Instead, lift refurbishment is all you need. With our cutting-edge technology, we can extend the lifespan of your lifts, escalators or moving walkways of any model by upgrading the principal parts of the equipment to make them as good as the new ones, at a reasonable cost.


Goods hoist lift refurbishment service - ML Lee
  • Improved energy efficiency and lower cost
  • Enhanced operational performance (noise reduction, smoother ride, etc.)
  • Reduced lift breakdown rate (reduced downtime and loss of revenue, particularly in retail environments)
  • Modernised aesthetic appearance of your escalators

How We Work

Detailed Survey & Recommendation

We start by carrying out a detailed survey of your lift to come up with detailed recommendations for lift refurbishment or modernization.

Lift Refurbishment

Our lift refurbishment involves:

  • Modifying your lift to comply with current regulatory guidelines.
  • Making aesthetic enhancements of the lift car and landing doors/entrances
  • Enhancing the reliability, ride quality and traffic flow of the control/drive systems
  • Enhancing travel speed
Temporary Access

To mitigate the problems due to lift downtime, we will come up with a mutually beneficial schedule of work. We will supply a temporary lift during refurbishment to ensure there are always means of access in the building.

Reporting & Communication

We keep our clients informed of our work progress regularly.

Safety & Availability

We prioritise everyone’s safety in all the tasks we undertake. We agree to the work schedule that poses only minimum risk and complements our project progress. Besides, you can safely expect the prompt service from us as we are available nationwide.