ML Lee Slewing Jib front view 2


Slewing jib crane is a type of crane that has a horizontal member (jib arm or boom) supporting a moveable hoist to move goods horizontally in low and narrow operating facilities. The jib arm is supported by attachment to building wall or floor or column.

Our slewing jib cranes offer a functional solution for ergonomic goods handling in a range of industrial premises, be it indoor, outdoor, marine or explosive environments.

Our slewing jib can carry the weight of 30 to 2,000 kg. Some exceptional features of our cranes are:

  • Customisable crane options based on the safe working load, desired radius and height.
  • Smooth, precise and efficient handling of sensitive and valuable loads
  • Improved productivity at workplaces
  • Reduced risk of workplace accidents

As one of the leading suppliers of slewing jib in Malaysia, we don’t stop at offering the most efficient, reliable and economical solution; We make it point of educating your workforce to know how to use our slewing jib safely via our training.

  • Quality, cost-efficient products and services
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Adherence to JKKP’s safety guidelines
  • Nationwide prompt on-site breakdown/maintenance service (2 – 3 hours upon request)
  • >30 technicians servicing over 5,000 machines.
ML Lee Slewing Jib view from bottom 2
ML Lee Slewing Jib close-up view
ML Lee Slewing Jib front view