ML Lee Home lift front view


Home elevator is not as complex and expensive as commercial lifts. As it is typically small and able to accommodate 2 to 4 persons, it can be fitted almost anywhere in two-storey houses, providing better accessibility, comfort, and value to families.

Our residential lifts, specially designed for private residential buildings or small commercial buildings, have the best of both practicality and aesthetics suited for home furnishings. They are commonly used:

  • As a value-added item to a luxury residential property
  • As future-proof solution to limited mobility issues, especially for elderly or members who face mobility problems.
  • As an additional home security and safety measure to reduce accidents.
  • As a space-saving solution as it has smaller footprint as compared to a stairwell.

Apart from the contemporary European and North American designs, our home lifts are created to the highest quality standard. They can carry weights of 250-350 kg, and travel 1-2 levels or up to 3-4 levels. Here are some exceptional features of our lifts:

Features Benefits
Strong Elevator Cables Galvanized steel aircraft cables that can endure the most demanding circumstances.
Fall-Arrest Mechanism To automatically stop the movement of the lift in the event of cable snapping.
Top & Bottom Object Sensors To stop the elevator from moving when there is anything beneath or on top of it detected.
Door Safety System To ensure the elevator operates only when the door is fully closed.

As one of the leading suppliers of home elevator in Malaysia, we don’t stop at offering the most efficient, reliable and economical solution; we also ensure you know how to use home lift safely via our training

  • Quality, cost-efficient products and services
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Adherence to JKKP’s safety guidelines
  • Nationwide prompt on-site breakdown/maintenance service (2 – 3 hours upon request)
  • >30 technicians servicing over 5,000 machines.
ML Lee Home lift front view
ML Lee Home lift in home office 2
ML Lee Home lift in bungalow
ML Lee Home lift in residential unit