Goods Hoist & Industrial Lift

Efficient industrial vertical transportation that supports loads of up to 2 tonnes.

Our goods hoist comes with 12-Month warranty and fully complies with JKKP’s safety guidelines.

Dumbwaiter (Food Lift)

Small freight elevators for commercial or residential purpose.

Our dumbwaiters are capable of fetching loads between 50 and 200 kg, and they come with 12-month warranty.

Home Lift

Ideal alternative for convenient access in private residences.

Our home lifts serve as an ideal traction alternative for residences, and they come with a variety of finishes and materials based on your custom needs.

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One-stop Material Handling Services

For more than 25 years, we have been widely recognized for our premium quality of our products. It is all because we don’t just stop at equipment fabrication, but we serve to fulfill your specialised needs with all-in-one fully contracted services.

Besides, we are one of the few Malaysian hoisting manufacturers registered with JKKP. And we also provide nationwide prompt on-site breakdown or maintenance service.

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Panasonic goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Top Glove goods hoist life - ML Lee
BMW goods hoist lift - ML Lee
MPH bookstores goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Burberry London goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Courts goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Daikin goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Orange Hotels goods hoist lift - ML Lee
ShinEtsu goods hoist lift - ML Lee
Sentienx goods hoist lift - ML Lee
McDonald food lift - ML Lee
Yamachan Ramen food lift - ML Lee