Goods Hoist Selangor Malaysia


Goods Hoist, or also known as a cargo lift is an equipment used for vertical transportation of stocks or cargo within a building or structure. Many companies in Malaysia require these lifts to carry out their daily activities. Variety of industries, including F&B, Retail, Manufacturing and Construction rely on goods hoist. ML Lee Industrial Bhd is the answer for Malaysians – by being a supplier and providing an array of services to suit your goods hoist needs.

Thanks to technological advancement and the availability of different innovations, these cargo lifts are proven to be safer, more efficient and reliable. It works just like a passenger lift and can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically driven and using chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium.

What Makes ML Lee Goods Hoist Great?

Goods Hoist Specifications:

For decades, we have helped customers from various industries in Malaysia with our top-notch goods hoist lifts. They fit perfectly to any kind of demanding working environment, especially manufacturing warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Better still, they can be customised to your specific needs!

Lift Type Goods Hoist Lift
Rated Speed 7.5m/min – 10.5m/min
Travel Height 1,000 – 12,000 mm (JKKP Requirement)
Number of Stops Max. 7 stops per lift
Number of Doors Max. 14 doors per lift
Pit 500 mm depth
Min Overhead 1,800 mm
Control System Programmable logic control
Landing Control Manual / Semi-Auto / Auto
G/H Enclosure Stainless Steel / Industrial Zink / BU Board / Eletro Galvanized Plate / Brick Wall
Control Voltage 12 V / 24 V DC
Motor 1.5 kW / 6.5 kW
Power Supply 415 Vac
Rated Load 50 kg – 2,000 kg (JKKP Requirement)
Capacity & Features

Our robust goods-only lifts are designed to safely carry payloads ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg. They are enhanced with the following features:

Features Benefits
Safety Catch Mechanism To enable the cage to grip to the guide rails in the event of wire rope snapping during power failure.
Control Limit Switches To ensure precise landing of cage at each level.
Electromagnetic Switch with Mechanical Interlock To prevent the landing door from opening when the goods hoist lift is in operation.
Double-limit Switch To stop the goods hoist from operating when there is an overloading or short-circuit.
Hoisting Motor with Thermal Protector To protect the motor from the burning damage caused by heat due to overwork.
Final Limit Switch To prevent overhoisting and overlowering of cage.
Power Failure Break To prevent the cage from falling when there is a power failure
Emergency Stop Button To stop goods hoist from operating during emergency
Alarm Device To help passengers to get help when they face problem with lift.

These cargo lifts are designed to move heavy weights efficiently. It’s a secure way of moving large amount of weight between floors quickly, without harming passengers and using time productively.

Some of the features include:
Control Limit Switches – This ensures the precise landing of the cage at each level

Double-limit Switch – To stop the goods hoist from operating when there is an overloading or short-circuit.

Safety Catch Mechanism – To enable the cage to grip to the guide rails in the event of wire rope snapping during power failure.


These lifts are designed to suit a variety of businesses. It also follows safety regulations, to ensure that it can carry large amounts of weight without affecting the safety of users and manual labour.

According to JKPP regulations, each goods hoist must be supported with imported safety brakes with the strength of 2.5 tons per unit.

As a supplier of goods hoist, our team of professionals will also train your workforce on how to use these cargo lifts safely because that’s our number one priority.


Depending on the nature of your business, ML Lee Industrial Bhd is here to assist with your goods hoist needs. We promise the following things:

    • Quality, cost-efficient products and services
    • 12-Month warranty
    • Adherence to JKKP’s safety guidelines
    • Nationwide prompt on-site breakdown/maintenance service (2 – 3 hours upon request)
    • Over 30 technicians servicing over 5,000 machines.
Goods Hoist Lift – GTE Solution

The client needs a reliable goods lift to optimize the movement of goods.

Goods Hoist Lift – ES Parts Marketing

The client requires a dependable goods lift to enhance the efficiency of goods transportation.

Goods Hoist Lift – Plastic Industry

Client’s company specializes in plastic injection business and is a leader in plastic industry for more than 40 years.

Goods Hoist Lift – Market Expansion Service Industry

Client’s company is a leader specialising in market expansion services. It focuses especially on outsourcing.

Goods Hoist Lift – Shopee

In order to improve efficiency in moving goods, client needs a reliable goods lift to carry goods.

Goods Hoist Lift – Mc Donald’s Restaurant

Client needs the best solutions for shifting boxes in the separate levels of the McD outlet.

Goods Hoist Lift – Eco Calton S/B

Client needs safe, fast, reliable access to carry goods so that the staffs can focus on serving the customers.