Eco Calton goods hoist - ML Lee

Eco Calton S/B

Product: Goods Hoist Lift
Premise: Nilai, Seremban

Client’s Requirements:
Client needs safe, fast, reliable access to carry goods so that the staffs can focus on serving the customers

Why Choose ML Lee?
We have the right product and service which provide the functions that answer their exact needs.

Project Duration: 20days

Special note:
We are active and respond to customers’ needs within 24 hours.

Solutions (together with specs):

Lift Type Goods Hoist Lift
Rated Load 2,000 kg (tailored to customer’s requirement)
Travel Speed 9m/min
Number of Stops 4 stops per lift
Number of Openings 5 openings
Overhead 1,700 mm
Control System Programmable logic control
Control Voltage 12 V / 24 V DC
Landing Control Manual / Semi-Auto / Auto
G/H Enclosure Stainless Steel / Industrial Zink / BU Board / Eletro Galvanized Plate / Brick Wall
Motor 6.0 kW
Power Supply 415 Vac
Car size 1,800cm (width) x 1,800cm (length) x 2,200cm (height)
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